24th EANN 2023, 14 - 17 June 2023, León, Spain

LoockMe: An Ever Evolving Artificial Intelligence Platform for Location Scouting in Greece

Eleftherios Trivizakis, Vasileios Aidonis, Vasileios C. Pezoulas, Yorgos Goletsis, Nikolaos Oikonomou, Ioannis Stefanis, Leoni Chondromatidou, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis, Manolis Tsiknakis, Kostas Marias


  LoockMe is an artificial intelligence-powered location scouting platform that combines deep learning image analysis, cutting-edge machine learning natural language processing (NLP) for automated content annotation, and intelligent search. The platform's objective is to label input images of local landscapes, and/or any other assets that regional film offices want to expose to those interested in identifying potential locations for the film production industry. The deep learning-based image analysis achieved high classification performance with an AUC score of 99.4%. Moreover, the state-of-the-art machine learning NLP module enhances the platform's capabilities by analyzing text descriptions of the locations and thus allowing for automated annotation, while the intelligent search engine combines image analysis with NLP to extract relevant context from available data. The proposed artificial intelligence platform has the potential to substantially assist asset publishers and revolutionize the location scouting process for the film production industry in Greece.  

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