23rd EANN / EAAAI 2022, 17 - 20 June 2022, Greece

Discriminant Analysis on a Stream of Features

Jan Motl, Pavel Kordík


  Online learning is a well-established problem in machine learning. But while online learning is commonly concerned with learning on a stream of samples, this article is concerned with learning on a stream on features. A modified quadratic discriminant analysis (QDA) is proposed because it is fast, capable of modeling feature interactions, and it can still return an exact solution. When a new feature is inserted into a training set, the proposed implementation of QDA showed a 1000-fold speed up to scikit-learn QDA. Fast learning on a stream of features provides a data scientist with timely feedback about the importance of new features during the feature engineering phase. In the production phase, it reduces the cost of updating a model when a new source of potentially useful features appears.  

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